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About JewelleryImpEx

Jewellery ImpEx is a Belgian brand which offers high quality diamond and gems jewellery. Our philosophy is that 'genuine beauty' and 'natural charm' come from within and result from inner balance and purity.

Talented designers, asked to create modern, timeless pieces, or to reinterpret existing classics by making them timeless, pure and balanced, create JewelleryImpEx jewels in accordance with this philosophy.

The best craftsmen of Belgium handcraft every piece of jewellery with noble materials.

JewellerImpEx gathers some of the most renowned diamond manufacturers and gems, which puts the us in a unique position to select and buy polished diamonds and gems.

By avoiding the middleman and offering the collections on-line, JewelleryImpEx stands for an excellent priced diamond and gems jewellery collection of exquisite quality.


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This website has been created and is managed by JewelleryImp, Vestingstraat 59, 2018 Antwerpen, België, VAT BE 0844.044.510.


JewelleryImpex designs, manufactures and markets luxurious, hand-finished, contemporary & fine jewellery made from genuine materials. www.oscarjewels.comis an online retail store that engages in direct selling of the finest luxury jewellery through internet as well as catalog.

JewelleryImpex endeavours to bring to you the ultimate luxury jewellery at affordable prices. We only source and use the finest quality materials to create your jewellery. Optimum materials we source combined with the exceptional craftsmanship that we offer, you can shop confidently from the comfort of your own home.

Our team of jewellery professionals has a complete understanding of diamond and gemstone grading and each member has a detailed understanding of our collections. Whilst shopping at JewelleryImpex you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands of industry professionals.


The jewellery consultants at JewelleryImpex has in-depth knowledge of gemstones and diamonds and are able to guide you in selecting your piece of jewellery. In addition, our website has a bank of information you may want to look at in order to assist yourself in making a purchase or just to educate yourself.

We offer varied range of collections. We will be delighted to assist you in selecting a piece of jewellery for yourself and can also advise you on the latest trends.

All our jewellery is gift wrapped beautifully and most items are available to be delivered on next working day (except for diamond jewellery which can take up to one weeks). If you are far away from your loved ones on their special day, do not worry! Just place an order and we will make sure your best wishes are tucked in safely with the jewellery you have chosen for your special one as we offer an option to add a personal message and we deliver to over all countries.


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JewelleryImpex only source and sell genuine materials. All our precious, semi-precious gemstones, pearls and precious metals are sourced from reliable and reputable suppliers. We strictly adhere to Kimberly Process for sourcing diamonds and all our diamonds are sourced from reputable suppliers who have affirmed to us that they do not deal in conflict diamonds. In addition, these suppliers are obligated to provide JewelleryImpex with invoices declaring the following statement, thereby following the strict guidelines set forth by the Kimberley Process: System of Warranties:

"The diamonds herein invoiced have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds."

If one of our suppliers was ever found to be in violation of that process, we would immediately end our relationship with them. JewelleryImpex maintains a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds and will continue to support and promote any process that works to uphold legitimacy in the diamond trade. The core of the JewelleryImpEx structure is studded with conflict free and legitimately sourced diamonds and gemstones.

To learn more about Kimberly Process please visit .

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